Did you know Sophisticated Alloys is one of the last independent alloys companies in America?

Company mergers are happening in every type of industry, including the alloys business. Here are three of the top concerns that are a result of these consolidations: First, consolidations have impacted responsiveness. It might be harder for you to get the alloys you need, when you want them. If you work with a large company, […]

  • November 12th, 2014
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Where Can you Test-Drive a Vacuum Melting System?

Think back to the last time you bought a new car. Did you flip through a brochure, then pick up a phone and place your order? Did you talk to a sale representative at a car dealer and make you purchase based simply on what you were told? Or, did you hop in the car, […]

Eliminating Alloy Defects Through Mold Design

Typically, my main concern is the quality of our own end product. But every now and then our attention shifts to improving the quality of other companies’ end product. Occasionally, our company has been used as the laboratory where potential breakthrough innovations are put to the test. Recently, an engineer from a multinational corporation came […]

Who Can You Partner with to Develop a Cost-effective Alloy?

It’s a common business problem: The path to making your product runs into a huge roadblock — it costs too much. For one customer the solution took a long, winding road that eventually led back to him. This customer came to us two years ago with a two-fold problem. First, he was unhappy with the […]

Are You Using Your Electron Beam Evaporation Equipment Efficiently?

This is a question that, perhaps, you should ask yourself. Often, customers are using production equipment to consolidate and refine raw input materials to make their electron beam evaporation sources. Essentially, they are tying up a very expensive piece of production equipment for a job that could be done in a less expensive way. To […]

Metallurgist Flies 10,227 Miles for Our Vacuum Melting Services

Imagine you are the head metallurgist involved in a project extracting oil from sand. The sand is so abrasive it’s damaging the pumps, which are an integral part of the process. Every day a pump is out of commission, $100,000 is lost. If you could experiment with different alloys, you know you could determine the […]

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