Did you know Sophisticated Alloys is one of the last independent alloys companies in America?

Company mergers are happening in every type of industry, including the alloys business. Here are three of the top concerns that are a result of these consolidations:

  • First, consolidations have impacted responsiveness. It might be harder for you to get the alloys you need, when you want them. If you work with a large company, realize you most probably will not get a fast turnaround. Their internal jobs will always take priority over yours.
  • Second, there is less flexibility with processing capabilities. Some companies only make certain alloys, not the large array of alloys that we offer.  Many just melt.  They don’t provide the additional processing needed to get your alloy in the finished form you want. This means you may have to spend your time managing several different resources to get exactly what you need.
  • Third – and perhaps the biggest concern – it’s harder to keep your project confidential.  It’s entirely possible that one of your competitors owns the melt shop you hired to do your proprietary job.

One way to alleviate these problems would be to build your own melt shop. Before you take this route, ask yourself if you have the staff to operate and maintain this costly equipment.

If it doesn’t make sense to buy your own equipment and melt everything in-house, you may want to look for an independent company like ours. As a family-owned alloys company, we pride ourselves on keeping information confidential.  We make all of our alloys in house and will make any alloy in any shape or finish you need.

Sophisticated Alloys is one of the last few totally independent alloys companies in the country. You can trust your proprietary information with us. As president of Sophisticated Alloys, I truly enjoy solving the unique challenges our customers bring to us.

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