Metallurgist Flies 10,227 Miles for Our Vacuum Melting Services

Imagine you are the head metallurgist involved in a project extracting oil from sand. The sand is so abrasive it’s damaging the pumps, which are an integral part of the process. Every day a pump is out of commission, $100,000 is lost. If you could experiment with different alloys, you know you could determine the best way to increase the life of the pumps.  Sounds simple, right?  It is, unless you live in Australia where it can be very difficult to find the right sized vacuum melting facilities.

When we first started working with this client, he shipped the material to us to melt.

Later, he would fly from Australia to our Pennsylvania facility, spending a week at a time testing various formulations.  While we do offer five different furnaces, he was able to do all of his work in our 500 Lb. VIM.

I think one of the benefits he saw in working with us was having the assurance that his patented process would remain confidential. Ultimately, he discovered a unique solution to his problem through his research at our facility. Changing the alloys inside the pumps prevented them from burning out after just six months of use.

He just might win the award for the client who traveled the greatest distance to work with us.  We have clients all across the globe.  Producing your materials with us is easy and cost-effective, and thanks to FedEx, we are accessible to the world.

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