Top 5 Reasons to Work with a Family-Owned Alloys Company

1. Because Relationships Matter for Quality and Consistency:

One of the great pleasures of being the president of Sophisticated Alloys is talking with my customers. When you call to discuss your project you are going to speak with me. We will talk about all of the specifics of your project and define a statement of work. I will give your project the attention it deserves and will use my experience to offer suggestions that can make your ideas even more successful. Very often, the more a customer and I talk, the more we get to the heart of the problem we are working to solve. Along the way, sometimes a lasting connection is made.Once a relationship with a customer is established, I find that the customer just wants a quality product on a consistent basis without a lot of care and feeding on his end.  Being a small company, as we are, is an advantage in achieving this goal. Control is the main reason. When an operation gets too big, you can lose control of it. And when you lose control, your product is not consistent.  Our customers keep coming back to us because we deliver the consistency they demand. You will always be working with the same core group of individuals who will oversee all aspects of your project. This is an essential element in making a consistent product. We still serve our very first customer, which I think speaks volumes about the consistency of the product and service our alloys company offers.

2. Because We Offer Uncommon Operational Flexibility:

From the beginning, I have taken on projects that couldn’t find a home elsewhere. At first, this was out of necessity. If I could get my foot in the door by solving someone’s biggest conundrum, then it was likely that they would give me a chance on another project. As our company has evolved, the flexibility required to switch gears to solve a customer’s (often mutating) problem, has become one of our strengths. Our customers often need to change any number of things about their requests “on the fly”. Because we are not a huge company, mired in bureaucracy, we can handle these requests.

3. Because Keeping Your Ideas Confidential is Easier When You Know Who You’re Dealing With:

Customers will often come to us with their new ideas and want help in seeing their product realized, but they will be hesitant to reveal the details of their work. I understand why proprietary information must remain confidential. Since I personally know who is looking at your confidential information, there is less opportunity that your trade secret is going to get into the wrong hands. The same cannot be said about a large corporation. The level of trust within our company is essential and beneficial in getting your product made while maintaining necessary confidentiality.

4. Because We Work With Your Budget:

These days everyone is struggling to stretch their dollars and spend their money wisely. This is true of our customers as well. Everyone’s got a budget to work within, but they also want the best quality at the right price. I believe the fact that we are a family-owned alloys company helps us give our customers exactly what they are looking for while staying within their budget.  I have personally worked with many customers to help them in times of budget crunches. We can talk about what you need and when you need it and make it work for both of us.

5. Because You are Our Focus:

No business can survive if their customers aren’t satisfied, but I believe that customer satisfaction is an even more critical driver in a small, family-owned company. I started this business nearly 20 years ago with my father. Combining our shared desire for independence and our individual strengths in manufacturing and metallurgy, we grew the business to become the respected member of this niche industry that it is today. When we started out, we were competing with some large competitors (and we still are) so I had to personally guarantee everything we made in order to prove myself to our customers. That guarantee has never changed. I still, literally, stand behind all of our products.

Quality has always been our core principle. If you know me, you know that I don’t like surprises. And neither do my customers. The worst kind of surprise is having a dissatisfied customer.

A guarantee of quality is only good if the company is there to honor it. With some companies, you just can’t be sure they will be in business when you need them. We’ve weathered a lot of downturns in the economy and survived the trials of working with family members, and I like to think we’re here to stay. In a big company, politics can quickly cause a company to take an unexpected negative turn.

When working with this family-owned business, company politics will never be your problem. Company policy is focused on one objective: customer satisfaction. And because there are no hidden agendas, our process can move more quickly than at some bigger companies.

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