How do Simonds alloys compare to other magnetic alloys?

Whenever I am asked to compare Simonds alloys to other magnetic alloys, I always respond with another question: How will the alloy be used?

Because the applications for magnetic alloys is endless – they are used in everything from military gyroscopes to washing machines to bank vaults – and they all have different magnetic properties, it is important to completely understand your own application before choosing an alloy to use.

In order to evaluate which Simonds alloy would give you the best result, the following questions must be answered:

  1. How much magnetic strength do you need?  (Keep in mind that the greater the magnetic strength, the more difficult the alloy will be to manufacture because the greater the magnetic strength of the alloy the more brittle it will be.)
  2. To achieve the final shape of your alloy, must it be cast or can it be rolled? (Some alloys cannot be rolled.)
  3. What is your budget? (The more Cobalt that is used in the alloy the more expensive it will be.)

It is also important to consider the desired size of the end product.  The curve graph below shows the magnetic properties of various commercial magnetic alloys and the bar chart shows the quantity of material needed to achieve the same level of magnetic strength.



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