Unique Custom Alloy Developed for Use in Medical Device Industry

I’ve seen this happen in practically every industry – someone identifies a serious problem, but does not have the resources, skills or expertise to solve it.

For example, cardiologists have long known that it can be difficult to stop the bleeding at the incision site for minimally invasive cardiovascular surgeries – especially if a patient is taking blood thinners.

The solution came from an innovative company called Transluminal Technologies that envisioned a vascular closure device that employs the first-in-man use of a biodegradable magnesium alloy.

Transluminal Technologies, which is comprised of internationally renowned cardiologists and experienced engineers, designed a device that would seal the arteriotomy with a metal implant absorbed by the body as natural healing occurs.

Sophisticated Alloys’ role in this solution was to provide the testing ground and metallurgical expertise needed to perfect the biocompatible and fully bioabsorbable magnesium alloy. We made a series of magnesium alloys that were extruded to a form usable in their testing of the alloys in rabbits.  These tests resulted in their proprietary alloy being used to make the unique device called velox CD™ shown below.

Now, cardiologists have access to a safe and reliable way to close incisions without introducing a permanent implant into the patient, and we’re proud of the role we played in the development of this much-needed device.


custom alloy for medical device

Illustration used with permission from Transluminal Technologies.



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